Wednesday, 10 October 2012

How Hosted Exchange Server Works and Benefits Your Business

Microsoft exchange is a hosted e-mail service service provider which is a popular email platform for businesses the world over. Today’s world is email and digital centric and organizations need to optimize their operations and turnaround time; hence a hosted exchange server having the most robust functioning is an advantage. 
As of today, many of the small sized and medium sized businesses are making the best use of exchange servers. One of the biggest benefits of having the hosted exchange is that the employees in the organization and the business owner can enjoy maximum flexibility in terms of operating from almost anywhere in the world and yet at the same time, remaining connected. Access to the web is easy and allows you to get all your important data, calendars, email contacts and folders.

Everything Available Right at Your Fingertips
Everything that has been set up in the Microsoft outlook is available right at the finger tips. It does not matter where you are since all this can be accessed with greatest ease. The other feature of the hosted exchange server is that it works well with smart phones. It gets integrated well with smart phones and mobile devices like Android, Tablet, Blackberry, iPhone, Windows Phone, etc. 

While you are not online you can continue to work when you consider exchange hosting. Updating gets done automatically when on the web you get plugged in. Collaboration with other partners in business, the customers and employees is possible with a hosted exchange server of this type. With ease and convenience interacting with each other is possible.

Lots of Time and Money Saved
If you want to schedule a meeting within the shortest time possible then all that you need to do is view the calendar and make relevant appointment changes and modifications if any are required. There is no need for making calls or sending emails due to which lots of time is saved. With the hosted exchange server, calendars, files and hosted exchange mail can be shared and tasks can be assigned to the others. 

Employees involved in a particular project are able to access the shared to do list that is created by you. This information can be accessed even by all those included in the loop as well.  One of the other benefits of having the hosted server exchange from a reputed hosted exchange provider is that it helps in economizing expenses. All the numerous emailing boxes are well managed by the employees with the help of exchange hosting.  

Adequate Security of Data
There is no need for logging out and logging in back again. Various emailing addresses can be switched to one location. Scanning of spam emails is done, considered as junk mail due to which a lot of time is saved. Besides this, lot of money too can be saved with a hosted Microsoft exchange as compared to having your own setup. 

People managing the hosted exchange are professionals in the field which leaves you with lesser headaches. Your data is kept well secured at the hosted exchange and you do not have to put in any extra effort for the same. Everything from taking backups every night, protection from spam, virus protection and advanced firewall is offered by the hosted exchange server.

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