Friday, 19 October 2012

Data Center: 5 Simple Ways to Trim Server Management Cost

Data Center

You will need to consider the amount being spent on the output of energy if you are being held back by the cost to be incurred on a green data centre implementation. As estimated by studies electrical power to the extent of 12 billion kW hours are used and gradually usage has been expanding to more kilo watt hours. 

Companies hence require identifying different ways to cut down on costs, and find alternative sources of energy that are greener. A few simple steps will need to be followed if a greener data centre is required.

The first thing is to get involved. The returns on investment to be reaped will be higher in the long run with a work environment that is quite comfortable to work upon. 

Cooling systems need redesigning
Use hot isles for enclosing servers so that you can concentrate on direct cooling onto the racks. Ensure that there are proper ducts for air and also reduce loss of airflow by having holes in the ceilings, walls, floors and sealing sealed.

 Consider your redundancy again
If redundant heating and cooling systems are used by companies then power in double amount will be needed. The systems are prepared for peak performance and growth. However where the flow of power is maximum power to just a fraction of the amount is put to use. Bills get inflated since this practice is not sufficient. Hence whenever it is possible, have the redundancy cut down so that based on the current needs you can operate instead of future needs projection.

Energy efficiency needs evaluation
Energy bills need to be added up and you will need to find out from where the energy comes as well as its distribution in the company. To reduce usage a road map will need to be planned. The evaluation done initially provides a baseline for ROI calculation after changes are implemented.

Adjustable equipment usage
Modular and scalable Data Center can be implemented for needs during peak power and growth. In a smaller space more power for computing is needed so that it is possible for servers with scalable blades to concentrate and also need lesser power for cooling down. 

Storage virtualization
Underutilization of many servers exists since they are loaded with software that is required for just some time. With this applications become mobile and thereby unnecessary servers get shut down. Server space is kept track of and applications are remapped to various physical locations as required for attaining efficiency to the maximum. 

Appliances that use star rated energy need to be considered. Besides this legacy servers can be recycled or donated. Systems that are archaic are not as efficient as new ones so money can be saved by purchasing new systems and older ones can be decommissioned. 

Recycling of computer equipment can be done and toxic remains can be disposed of.  Conduct a research on alternative source of power and ensure the management also gets involved, in your effort towards a green data centre.

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