Monday, 8 October 2012

10 Common Data Center Surprises for Your Business

Data centers offer more surprises that one can ask for. A few tips are available so that IT managers get prepared for certain nasty surprises so that downtime can be minimized.  The common surprises can help the professionals in IT to anticipate any kind of issues and help them get prepared with technologies that are appropriate enough. Besides this they get prepared with the best of practices and solutions.
1. Replacement of Servers by Data Center Managers
One common surprise is that servers will be replaced by the managers of data centers before the cooling systems and UPS is replaced by them. After 3 years, refreshing of server’s occurs and UPS systems are expected at times to last for years. This is an indicator that investments made in the infrastructure in today’s time can support the servers for many more generations.
2. It Is True That Predictions of High Density Come True
The other common surprise is that predictions of a high density come true. A few years back the average densities per rack were approximately 6 to 7.4 kW but surveys conducted recently have made predictions that in the coming three years, 12 kW would be the average density. This will put premium on UPS capacity and distribution of power that is adequate enough besides cooling as well to deal with increase in output of heat.
3. Data Centre and Water Do Not Mix
The other common surprise is that mixing of data center and water does not occur. Studies indicate the water incursion is the cause of unplanned outages to the extent of 35%. Valves could be leaky. Data centers can be made as no drink zones and accordingly valves can be maintained.
4. New Servers Are Power Hungry
The other common surprise is that as compared to the old server the new ones are hungry for power. Even if virtualized new servers are efficient the blade servers are more powerful and can consume a lot of energy as compared to the old servers. Inventories of servers get reduced due to server virtualization and consolidation which results in savings that are modest indeed. It is recommended that infrastructure supports cooling and also needs of power of new servers.
5. Unaffordable Downtime
Another common surprise is that the downtime is a bit unaffordable for many. Studies indicate that the outages at an average can be quite significant. Other studies also indicate that exceeding the capacity of the UPS and battery failure are the main downtime causes. If the right monitor and UPS is invested in and batteries maintained then the issues could be avoided.
6. Integration Is Imperative
Another understanding is that it is imperative to have integration. As per tradition managers of data centers have matched and mixed components from different vendors since the systems worked only tangentially with each other. With the advent of dynamic and intelligent technologies in infrastructure, in data center colocation there is a gradual change.
7. Mess Monitoring
The other common surprise is mess monitoring. Software platform of different kinds are used by managers of data centers as per survey for managing their physical infrastructure. It is recommended that for streamlining operations a single management and monitoring platform is used.
8. IT Department Runs the HVAC System
It is an understanding that the HVAC system is run by the IT department. As per tradition the data center managers and IT have worked alongside cooling and power increase support system facilities. Streamlining of the processes is being done due to increasing visibility of the DCIM solutions as well as control over infrastructure of building.
There has been an increase in management and monitoring of data that is actionable across the data center which in turn delivers capabilities in modeling that is real time. It is claimed that integration is imperative even if infrastructure and IT systems work independently for harnessing fullest capabilities.
9. Variations in IT Loads
Another common understanding is that there are variations in IT loads. To every industry there are valleys and peaks in usage of network.  If the infrastructure is scalable with controls that are intelligent enough to adjust then this ensures better operation anytime at the data center in India at all.
10. Reality to Have a Data Centre on Demand
It is a reality to have a data center on demand is another common understanding. Access to deployable, modular and integrated solutions of data center is accessible by today’s businesses. Whatever may be the issue, the solutions are just a phone call away, actually.


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